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The bride will look incredibly beautiful, feminine and seductively attractive by wearing a mermaid silhouette dress in light skin color with a gently shiny train. A semi-transparent corset with a deep V-neck and embroidered thin straps accentuate the décolleté area. The back is concave, below the shoulder blade line and with a lowered skirt sewing line, which visually lengthens the back and emphasizes slimness. And nude-colored meshes seductively create the effect of nakedness. The top is decorated with embroidered appliqués, through which shine breaks through. The fastener in the center of the back is loops and buttons and looks like a decor. The skirt of the dress is of a close-fitting shape in the hip area. The top layer of the skirt is made of textured gloss and decorated with exquisite lace, smoothly passing from the corset. The closure of the skirt is a hidden zipper. It is also possible to make a dress in ivory color.