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By choosing an ivory mermaid silhouette dress, the bride will receive a lot of compliments from the guests of the holiday and the enchanted look of her beloved one. A translucent corset with a heart cutout, decorated with embroidered appliqués with a delicate pattern, through which a milky shine can be seen. The back is slightly concave below the shoulder blade line. The fastener is expander hooks in the center of the back. The skirt of the dress is of a close-fitting shape in the hip area. The top layer of the skirt is embroidered with appliqués. Delicate patterns and barely noticeable flowers add sophistication. Above the knee level, the dress becomes more fluffy thanks to the tulle wedge sewn to the skirt, shining with a milky shine. A bolero made of ivory mesh and decorated with embroidered lace will effectively complement the image of this dress.