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The bride will be able to attract the attention of others and demonstrate her aristocratically refined beauty in a mermaid silhouette dress in ivory color. A semi-transparent corset with a heart cutout and a deep transparent insert in the center of the front successfully highlights the décolleté area. The back of the corset is slightly concave, up to the level of the shoulder blades. The top is decorated with symmetrically embroidered lace, through which a milky sheen is visible. The clasp is a hidden zipper. The skirt of the dress is close-fitting in the thigh area, and then expands into a luxurious train. The top layer of the skirt is decorated with lace, smoothly passing from the corset. The lower part of the skirt has a fluffy shape. The fastener is a hidden zipper. The upper layer of the train is decorated with a lace scallop along the lower section. The second layer uses a gentle milky sheen. In such a dress, with a light gloss, the bride will be a real jewel of the holiday.