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Like a real mermaid emerging from the sea foam, the bride will appear in front of the guests and loved ones to swear to each other to live in love and fidelity. It is such a pleasant fairy-tale impression that a bride in a mermaid silhouette dress in ivory color will make. The semi-transparent corset, with a heart cutout and a deep transparent insert in the center, is decorated in front with embroidered lace and diagonal mesh pleats that visually narrow the waist. The back of the corset is slightly concave, up to the level of the shoulder blades, symmetrically decorated with embroidered lace. The fastener is a hidden zipper. The skirt of the dress is of a close-fitting shape in the hip area. The top layer of the skirt is decorated with lace, smoothly passing from the corset. The lower part of the skirt consists of 3 tiers, tulle ruffles are sewn on each of them, which gives the dress splendor and lightness. It is also possible to have only one lush tier. This romantic and seductive look is completed by wide straps made of mesh and draped with pleats.