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The gracefulness and perfect shapes of the figure will successfully emphasized by the mermaid silhouette dress in light skin color or a possible version of this model in ivory color. A semi-transparent corset with a heart cutout, decorated with lace with silver embroidery, through which the constructive lines of the corset are visible, is accentuated by satin stripes. The back of the top is slightly concave in shape along the line of the shoulder blades. Lace sleeves are sewn into the opening of the corset, they attract attention to the elegant ease of movement. The fastener of the top is the expander hooks. The skirt of the dress with a train has a close-fitting shape in the hip area. The top layer of the skirt is made of lace with silver embroidery. The fastener of the skirt is a hidden zipper. If the bride wants to add a touch of pomposity to the image, this is possible thanks to the removable skirt, which is made of Mikado fabric and has a luxurious train.