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A mermaid silhouette dress in ivory color made of costume fabric will help you to emphasize your grace, charm and refined taste. The corset of the dress of an even shape is decorated with wide horizontal folds. Delicate shoulders and a slender figure will perfectly emphasize the back of the dress of a straight shape, which begins below the level of the shoulder blades. The corset is fastened with expander hooks. A draped yoke is attached to the dress with the help of buttons. It performs the role of wing sleeves and creates asymmetry. A skirt of a close-fitting shape with a train, the front panel of which is decorated with diagonal pleats coming out of the side seam, gives an elegant charm. The fastener of the skirt is a hidden zipper. The image is elegantly complemented by a removable bow on the left side of the dress and a removable decorative element on the back.